In July of 2013 I received the agreed Minutes Extraordinary Meeting of the Royal Academy, for which I was appointed Corresponding Member of that institution.

mariano goma la real academia de bellas artes
I will not explain in writing why it is the Academy, its features, prestige, based in Madrid, art collections, library, archive, etc. internal organization or as in the corresponding web pages and publications is amply published; but I must express my extraordinary satisfaction because I think I can say without false modesty that represents a recognition of work for many years in relation to the defense of modern architecture, historical, important responsibilities in the professional organization of architects, presentation, conference , debates, statements, published articles and also a long list of other activities of humanism in the service of architecture, or perhaps the opposite, from the architecture to the service of humanity and human beings have been and the end users are the work architect.

The entry into the Academy, backed by professors Academic architecture, some of which were for the teachers day mine at the School of Architecture of Madrid where I studied, not only is an honor but also has the meaning of me having completed with the training that they possibly instilled in me.

I hope from now on work in the best of my ability in the defense of the architectural heritage and architecture, but to extend my business to other fine arts such as painting, sculpture, music and media. This focusing on the province of Lleida (Lleida) to permeabilize information and concerns between the Royal Academy and the art world in the area of our country. Who is reading this writing, which shows you are interested in any facet of myself and my work, I will list some of the first actions in which I work:

Ask eventually to obtain recognition as achieving the title of Academic after a more than long life in the world of architecture and the arts, is one of the highest aspirations that a person can have in this life and hopefully provide the answers expected of me.