libro-marianogomaI was lucky, since childhood, to have at my fingertips the world of poetry and literature. Maybe Grandpa Otero romantic favorites as Espronceda or Becquer ; My mother like Amado Nervo or Alfonsina Storni and my father, with his extraordinary vision of culture, have exerted a decisive influence on my personal development.

I have always maintained that I belong to the last generation of architects letters, combined into our training physical and mathematical calculation with the humanism of aesthetics, composition, art history, etc.

Possibly for all at my trusty fountain pen never scared him a blank paper on which to write opinions or reflections of all kinds.

This book which I now contains a small set of selected poems and feelings I want to share with all those people who might be interested.

There was a time I wanted to write like a poet

A poem or a thought is always the result of a mood or a message to an addressee. I think this is born and, believe it is not good to end up in the trunk of forgetfulness or silence drawer anonymous. Each of them has a rationale, an associated feeling, a moment lived, a love or a life story. It is also likely that people who read these texts find a deep reflection of himself simply identify my silence or remember me, on my desk or anywhere else, writing to the beat of my eternal companion, music.

“This book, written by an architect, is intended to describe the intensity of lived in the environment of a country like Kenya, unknown and unusual, at will transmit a deep interest in nature by describing the vegetation experiences, light and atmosphere of a trip also within your own sensations. Direct and working style and sensibility is skin deep … It is a book that reads like a walk in the evening breeze.”(Luis Racionero)

But one of the secrets of this book is to have felt the need for someone with the wisdom and experience of Kim Castells, put image and gave birth to the texts. I was not wrong and I have to admit that the genius of Kim has joined intuition and tenderness of Olga, who has managed to capture, interpret and ultimately melt the word and color. To me the feeling is due to light Kim, Olga and refinement of fertilization.

marianogoma--libroSometimes rereading any of the texts or poems and remembering, no doubt, when, how, why and who inspired him; I wonder if it was the music, or the Muses Serrat, which prompted me to put on paper the beating of my heart. I am satisfied because love, friendship, nostalgia, loneliness, life and also the sea, have guided my path. The family, culture and a certain secrecy gown have brought here.

It would be naive and selfish if this book were not overflowing with dedications. In reading, listening and being surrounded by books of poetry, I can only thank my parents for teaching me to write and feel the power or the peace of a text.

Although today it seems you cannot thank the education system too, in my time yes we deeply marked the subjects of grammar, literature and text comments. Knowing memory passages Calderon, Tirso de Molina or Jorge Manrique, perhaps inadvertently learned vocabulary and handling time of a sentence.

Each verse or poem, is aimed at anyone in particular, or a certain mood. To all those people or moments must thank your presence in my life, your love and for sharing the road.